In Canada, we know the season can be extreme and underhanded .

It was during snowstorms, extreme cold or heavy rain

during our season that we realize how essential it is to have

performance wipers to ensure good visibility.


Several factors can reduce the effectiveness of your wipers ;

rain, dirt , sleet, snow, sun, the wax vehicles, salt, moisture or exposure to extreme temperatures ( hot or cold ) .

With time they will leave streaks, streaks and marks on your

windshield that will significantly reduce the effectiveness of the wipers 


The best time to replace them.

Motorists often wait too long to replace their wiper. Road safety research shows that, when visibility is reduced, the wet weather or snow driving up 50 to 100 % the risk of collision and that 90% of driving decisions are based solely on vision. Yet it is one of the least expensive and the most important road safety elements.

Connected directly to your safety, QUIKBLADE strongly recommends consumers replace the wiper blades every six months or 20 000 km.
A good time to think about it: when your tire changing in the spring and fall, consider changing your windshield wipers at the same time !


Check efficiency all the year round :

• Inspect the rubber on the brushes ;


• See if the plastic has not hardened, cracked or cracked which would cause streaks on your windshield. A rubber which is not worn or aged slide silently on the glass. Otherwise, it would produce squealing or excessive friction ;


• Check for bends and flexes correctly so that it adheres perfectly to the windshield. Thus, the wiping will be clean and free of debris ;


• Monitor also that there are no motion or vibration of the brushes that could leave streaks or make scanning difficult on certain sections of the windshield .


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